After finishing university just 3 weeks ago my job search was already looking like a disaster, I think I may have applied for over 500 jobs in the last month and had around 3 interviews from them all! Luckily enough I have office experience so I have had some temping roles but its not what I really want to do is it! But things changed yesterday when I went for a role at and GOT IT! I am so happy and cannot wait to start! In light of this I obviously need to start planning some amazing outfits for the office! Which is where my post comes from!



The outfit above is a little something I made on asos and includes:


Trina Blazer


Susi suede courts
Susi suede courts

Whilst I cannot afford the blazer or shoes (yet) it just an idea of what I would wear! A blazer and heels can make any outfit office worthy and I can feel these being stables items in my wardrobe for my new job!!!

Bank Holiday Madness!

Good afternoon, this post is coming from a very tired, worn out girl, who has had the busiest weekend!! Bank holiday weekend consisted of me going to London Friday night, Arctic monkeys Saturday and then to a local pub Sunday and Monday! I had such a nice weekend and thought Id share my outfit from Arctic monkeys with you as I shared a quick festival fashion post on Friday and it worked out that I nearly wore that same outfit without even realising!!

The weatherman/women predicted Rain as usual for Saturday, so I decided I wanted to grab a new coat for the occasion as all my rain macs are quite thin and plasticy not sure if that’s even a word! So I travelled into London after work on Friday and through the hoards of people in Oxford Street I hunted and hunted for a coat, I did not have much luck and was about to give up when I saw Vero Moda!

I always see Vero Moda clothing in magazines and blogs but never knew they had a store, and funnily enough the post I put up before I left for the shops included a Vero Moda coat so I thought I would give them a try! The store is lovely and modern and the sales staff were very friendly and alas I found the coat I wanted straight away! ( Should of just gone here first!!)                                      


The coat that I went for a was Green Parka style, not too heavy not too light and most importantly it had a hood! You can find it here,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_10113560_colorPattern=10113560_IvyGreen&forceScope=


It fits lovely and is a perfect length and for £38 you cannot go wrong, they also have 10% Student Discount so I got it for £34.80 What a steal! Other high streets stores are selling very similar for £50 upwards!


I styled my coat with a  swing dress from Asos as seen below and my trusty Hunter Wellies which I hardly got to wear last year, but they came back full of mud this time!!


Again a lovely dress that looked very summery and girly! I teamed with a necklace from Accessorize!

Here is how I styled it!



I saw some great festival fashion over the weekend and this was just my little input! Lets hope the weather picks up again so we can get out our summer wardrobe more often!


So tomorrow I am going to Arctic Monkeys (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) cannot contain my excitement whilst I sit at my desk where I am currently a temp! So I thought id quickly put together a outfit for the day! Of course the lovely English weather is on its best behaviour and it is going to POUR DOWN so on my essentials list is a nice warm parker!

Also a lot of my friends are off to WERFSTVL in Essex, I attended last year and it was amazing so im quite jealous even though Arctic will be amazing too! This outfit could be worn to both events! Happy Festivialing!


Dress- Select fashion £10
Wellies- Hunter boots -£85
Parka- Vera Moda £27
Rucksack- Motel £45

My First Post!!

My first post is going to be about my new favourite skirt ever! One dull night a few months back I stumbled across a page on instagram called mybandagedress! Now being a typical young women, I am not the most confident or secure person when it comes to BANDAGE, I dread the word, I dread even looking at anything bandage in fear of the BELLY!, I am in no means a big girl, I am probably just an average size ( whatever you call average these days) and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to the fear of the bulge! Don’t fret! I have found the solution to it!

In my younger years when I may have dabbled in some bandage here and again (photos not to be attached) I would of picked up the items from a high street brand, probably in a thin material and probably cheaply made! But from wearing mybandagedress skirt I can see a huge difference in quality! For this quality you would probably have to pay a lot I hear you say? Not here! The site offers a wide range of clothing for all budgets and at very reasonable prices for high quality!

Here is my beautiful skirt! I wore it for my 24th birthday Don’t tell anyone

I ordered mine in the stunning lavender colour which complemented my skin and hair beautifully! When I first went to order the skirt it was out of stock for days and as my night out approached I started to dread the fact I might have to find another outfit ( The Horror ) But no, I decided to take it in to my own hands and email them! ( Yes, a company that has a email address that works ) I sent a quick email over to their customer services and by the next morning I had an email back from them to say they had found me a lavender skirt and to quickly go online (HOORAY) This is unheard of with the big brands! I was so pleased and ordered my skirt straight away! It cost £30 and I even had 10% off code, BARGAIN!

When it arrived I was over the moon, I put it together with a New look mesh crop top, and Primark nude heels and off I went! The skirt fits amazingly, I ordered it in a 10 (Big hips syndrome) and it suited my figure perfectly!

Girls go and check this lovely site out and order yours for any special occasion! I cannot wait to wear it again in the summer, they have such a nice selection of colours from pastels to gold! I love it and will defiantly be returning to the




Hello, Welcome, Bonjour, Ola!

Hi Readers ( if there are any out there!) This is my first ever blog post, and I am not going to lie I am petrified, scared and maybe a bit naïve about this whole blogging experience! I have never tried anything like this, but after just finishing a degree at The university of Hertfordshire I have a tiny bit (ALOT) of time on my hands and I have a head full of ideas I cant wait to show you all!

I have seen a lot of blogs over my time on the spectacular internet and I know how hard it is to stand out in todays market, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon so I know this won’t be easy to get started.. but with determination and knowledge I will hopefully succeed! (Don’t quote me on that!)

My blog is going to contain a wide aspect of fashion and places I visit, because you see I like to try restaurants out a bit too much! ( to my boyfriends despair I think!)

I am just a ordinary 24 (yikes) year old girl women, who lives in this beautiful world, I am not the best dressed or richest person (student loan doesn’t last as long as I hope!) but this is not to say I will not give this blog a go and hopefully inspire some people along the way!

Enjoy my lovelies and to start my blog off here is some photos of some cats! (Because who doesn’t like cats?!)