Summer at the zoo!

Good evening guys!

I have been super super busy recently and don’t even remember the last time i sat down on my laptop, which is not good because I wanted to keep this updated! hey ho! im back!!!

The main reason I have been so busy is because of my new role at which is amazing!! Such a good company to work for and so far I am enjoying every moment! Expect a lot of Asos clothing on here now! Guilty!

I wanted to quickly blog about an outfit I wore to the Zoo last Friday night. Night? yep! London zoo run a late opening party sort of thing every Friday in the summer, it gives adults a chance to go round the zoo without children, and get drunk! What else could you ask for? It is defiantly worth a night out, and right next to Camden so you can head there after as it shuts at 10! I found a discount code on, which made the tickets only £17.50! The event has so much going on we didn’t even have time to see alot of it, I had my face-painted like a flower! Danced at the silent disco and got tipsy in the photobooth! Worth a look at if your around London for summer! 

But anyway onto my outfit.. I got alot of compliments for it and think it the perfect summer/night outfit for this type of event!Image

I put together this little outfit that may look like a pair of chiffon shorts and a top to you but NO, it is in fact a top over a playsuit, which i prefered as shorts can always look a bit funny on my long legs! 

The playsuit it from and I bought it last year for my birthday outfit! As you can see it is amazing, and I thought i would never wear it again until I happened to put this together which made me happy as I hate to waste the huge amount of clothes I have!!

Image The playsuit last year!

The Original Playsuit!


I am not too sure if they still sell this, I know they do sell it as a jumpsuit

I had a quick search and it is being sold on ebay too!

I paired the playsuit with the stripey top which is set to be a big trend this summer, I picked this one up from H&M for a lovely £9.99! I have a feeling this will be used alot over the summer! I also have seen similar in other highstreet stores and a crop top one on asos which I have fallen in love with! 

And overall I put my beautiful new sandals with the outfit to top it off! Now I normally wouldn’t tell people where I got them as they are a steal but for this price and value I have to share! Image

These babys are just £12.99 from Ebay! Yep Ebay! They are from a store on there and they do have alot of variations so are easy to find, they also had them in holographic which are amazing but I don’t know if I could pull them off! I see alot of bloggers wearing clothes that you just wouldn’t wear on a normal day out which is why I really wanted to start this blog! 


Anyway I feel like this has gone on forever, but as I have not been on here for a while I have a lot to say haha! I will be back soon!


Much Love