Summer at the zoo!

Good evening guys!

I have been super super busy recently and don’t even remember the last time i sat down on my laptop, which is not good because I wanted to keep this updated! hey ho! im back!!!

The main reason I have been so busy is because of my new role at which is amazing!! Such a good company to work for and so far I am enjoying every moment! Expect a lot of Asos clothing on here now! Guilty!

I wanted to quickly blog about an outfit I wore to the Zoo last Friday night. Night? yep! London zoo run a late opening party sort of thing every Friday in the summer, it gives adults a chance to go round the zoo without children, and get drunk! What else could you ask for? It is defiantly worth a night out, and right next to Camden so you can head there after as it shuts at 10! I found a discount code on, which made the tickets only £17.50! The event has so much going on we didn’t even have time to see alot of it, I had my face-painted like a flower! Danced at the silent disco and got tipsy in the photobooth! Worth a look at if your around London for summer! 

But anyway onto my outfit.. I got alot of compliments for it and think it the perfect summer/night outfit for this type of event!Image

I put together this little outfit that may look like a pair of chiffon shorts and a top to you but NO, it is in fact a top over a playsuit, which i prefered as shorts can always look a bit funny on my long legs! 

The playsuit it from and I bought it last year for my birthday outfit! As you can see it is amazing, and I thought i would never wear it again until I happened to put this together which made me happy as I hate to waste the huge amount of clothes I have!!

Image The playsuit last year!

The Original Playsuit!


I am not too sure if they still sell this, I know they do sell it as a jumpsuit

I had a quick search and it is being sold on ebay too!

I paired the playsuit with the stripey top which is set to be a big trend this summer, I picked this one up from H&M for a lovely £9.99! I have a feeling this will be used alot over the summer! I also have seen similar in other highstreet stores and a crop top one on asos which I have fallen in love with! 

And overall I put my beautiful new sandals with the outfit to top it off! Now I normally wouldn’t tell people where I got them as they are a steal but for this price and value I have to share! Image

These babys are just £12.99 from Ebay! Yep Ebay! They are from a store on there and they do have alot of variations so are easy to find, they also had them in holographic which are amazing but I don’t know if I could pull them off! I see alot of bloggers wearing clothes that you just wouldn’t wear on a normal day out which is why I really wanted to start this blog! 


Anyway I feel like this has gone on forever, but as I have not been on here for a while I have a lot to say haha! I will be back soon!


Much Love




After finishing university just 3 weeks ago my job search was already looking like a disaster, I think I may have applied for over 500 jobs in the last month and had around 3 interviews from them all! Luckily enough I have office experience so I have had some temping roles but its not what I really want to do is it! But things changed yesterday when I went for a role at and GOT IT! I am so happy and cannot wait to start! In light of this I obviously need to start planning some amazing outfits for the office! Which is where my post comes from!



The outfit above is a little something I made on asos and includes:


Trina Blazer


Susi suede courts
Susi suede courts

Whilst I cannot afford the blazer or shoes (yet) it just an idea of what I would wear! A blazer and heels can make any outfit office worthy and I can feel these being stables items in my wardrobe for my new job!!!


So tomorrow I am going to Arctic Monkeys (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) cannot contain my excitement whilst I sit at my desk where I am currently a temp! So I thought id quickly put together a outfit for the day! Of course the lovely English weather is on its best behaviour and it is going to POUR DOWN so on my essentials list is a nice warm parker!

Also a lot of my friends are off to WERFSTVL in Essex, I attended last year and it was amazing so im quite jealous even though Arctic will be amazing too! This outfit could be worn to both events! Happy Festivialing!


Dress- Select fashion £10
Wellies- Hunter boots -£85
Parka- Vera Moda £27
Rucksack- Motel £45

My First Post!!

My first post is going to be about my new favourite skirt ever! One dull night a few months back I stumbled across a page on instagram called mybandagedress! Now being a typical young women, I am not the most confident or secure person when it comes to BANDAGE, I dread the word, I dread even looking at anything bandage in fear of the BELLY!, I am in no means a big girl, I am probably just an average size ( whatever you call average these days) and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to the fear of the bulge! Don’t fret! I have found the solution to it!

In my younger years when I may have dabbled in some bandage here and again (photos not to be attached) I would of picked up the items from a high street brand, probably in a thin material and probably cheaply made! But from wearing mybandagedress skirt I can see a huge difference in quality! For this quality you would probably have to pay a lot I hear you say? Not here! The site offers a wide range of clothing for all budgets and at very reasonable prices for high quality!

Here is my beautiful skirt! I wore it for my 24th birthday Don’t tell anyone

I ordered mine in the stunning lavender colour which complemented my skin and hair beautifully! When I first went to order the skirt it was out of stock for days and as my night out approached I started to dread the fact I might have to find another outfit ( The Horror ) But no, I decided to take it in to my own hands and email them! ( Yes, a company that has a email address that works ) I sent a quick email over to their customer services and by the next morning I had an email back from them to say they had found me a lavender skirt and to quickly go online (HOORAY) This is unheard of with the big brands! I was so pleased and ordered my skirt straight away! It cost £30 and I even had 10% off code, BARGAIN!

When it arrived I was over the moon, I put it together with a New look mesh crop top, and Primark nude heels and off I went! The skirt fits amazingly, I ordered it in a 10 (Big hips syndrome) and it suited my figure perfectly!

Girls go and check this lovely site out and order yours for any special occasion! I cannot wait to wear it again in the summer, they have such a nice selection of colours from pastels to gold! I love it and will defiantly be returning to the




Hello, Welcome, Bonjour, Ola!

Hi Readers ( if there are any out there!) This is my first ever blog post, and I am not going to lie I am petrified, scared and maybe a bit naïve about this whole blogging experience! I have never tried anything like this, but after just finishing a degree at The university of Hertfordshire I have a tiny bit (ALOT) of time on my hands and I have a head full of ideas I cant wait to show you all!

I have seen a lot of blogs over my time on the spectacular internet and I know how hard it is to stand out in todays market, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon so I know this won’t be easy to get started.. but with determination and knowledge I will hopefully succeed! (Don’t quote me on that!)

My blog is going to contain a wide aspect of fashion and places I visit, because you see I like to try restaurants out a bit too much! ( to my boyfriends despair I think!)

I am just a ordinary 24 (yikes) year old girl women, who lives in this beautiful world, I am not the best dressed or richest person (student loan doesn’t last as long as I hope!) but this is not to say I will not give this blog a go and hopefully inspire some people along the way!

Enjoy my lovelies and to start my blog off here is some photos of some cats! (Because who doesn’t like cats?!)